Archangel Michael – Strategy

Keep sight of your goals as well as looking at the results you have already achieved for yourself.
-Archangel Michael

(This message to you regarding personal strategy is brought to you today by Archangel Michael)

Hello Dear One:

Today I am asking you to lay low and blend into the framework of your surroundings. At this moment things are not entirely what they appear to be. Therefore say nothing and do nothing. Make sure that you give yourself space and time to see things for what they are. Take heart in the knowledge that the universe is working behind the scenes to fulfill your dreams and intentions. I cannot express strongly enough that you must be patient and allow things to develop on their own. Trust that you will know the exact moment to make your move. As a result, you will also know what it is that you must do to accomplish the next step. For the moment merely take a passive stance in all that is happening around you.

Strategy - Archangel Michael,

Now is a time to use your intelligence, brains, and wits as opposed to your physical strength to get what you desire. Take the time to understand the use of diversion and strategy in all the situations in which you currently find yourself. For the most part, no one will see you coming as you step into this new and successful situation for which you are presently gearing up. They won’t see you coming until it is too late. In effect, you have won the game. Be sensible, stay grounded in all situations and rise to the top inconspicuously.

Personal Integrity

Also, take the time to analyze your feelings and emotions right now. Be careful that you are not deceptive or untruthful to yourself.  In other words, make sure that you are coming from a place of personal integrity. Know yourself before you make the next move. Look out for hidden agendas and make sure that you respond to take proper action instead of merely reacting to your situation. Be sure that you acknowledge that you have personal needs and that they should be honored as well in the grander scheme of things to come.

 ~ Archangel Michael

9 thoughts on “Archangel Michael – Strategy”

  1. I am on a new journey and Thank you Michael,
    You are with me every day when I ask you to join me on earth
    I am in a marriage that is not going well, and I am growing and learning to trust my angels.
    Each day that I work on myself, I know I am getting closer to my true self
    Thank you Arcangel Michael

  2. Archangel Michael,

    Please help me to keep my emotions in check so I can stay grounded while going through this trying time with my partner. I believe and am hopeful that the three of us being a happy, healthy family is still the right path for us and possible. I am hoping that this is the will of the Lord for my life because I dearly love my family and want us to stay together. But staying together has to be safe and appropriate, and what is best for our son or it isn’t worth it. Please help us to reconnect and find the deep love and joy we once shared and if it is no longer the will of the Lord for us to be together than please help guide us safely through this transition into whatever the happiest and healthiest situation is for our son. Please help me stay grounded and patient during this trying time and help me to be the best mom I can be to my son and best partner while also being true to myself and standing firm in my beliefs. Thank you so very much for your hell and guidance in this and all. I am so grateful to you.

    Love and sincere appreciation,



    Glorious Saint Michael the Archangel,
    mighty winner of spiritual battles, FREE ME FROM PEOPLE WHO WANT MY EVIL
    come to the aid of my needs
    spiritual and temporal.
    Flee from my presence all evil
    and every attack and pitfall of the enemy.
    With your mighty sword of light,
    defeat all evil forces
    and light my ways
    with the light of your protection.
    Archangel Michael,
    from evil: set me free;
    from the enemy: deliver me;
    from the storms: help me;
    from the dangers: protect me;
    from the persecutions: save me!
    Glorious Saint Michael the Archangel,
    by the heavenly power conferred upon you,
    be for me the brave warrior
    and lead me in the ways of peace.

  4. Wow. This is just what I needed right now. I was praying so much and I even wrote a letter to Archangel Michael. I was crying my eyes out while praying and pouring my heart out. Then, i went on this website and generated an archangel message and this is everything i need. I cried so much when I read this because this is just what I needed… Just wow.

  5. Great message, I have come to the understanding that Michael rules my sign. Also my partner sign is ruled by Jophiel, I look forward to following your site!!!

  6. Wow, I find this sight very helpful i am dealing with some negative energys in my home for about a year now. I have become so sensitive to them I can see when they are near me.I am discovering and developing my clairvoyance and psychic abilities. And knowing how to use them for balance .everything I’m reading is exactly what I’m looking for Guidance to grow.


    1. Cheryl, me too! It’s nice to have a place to talk about our experiences bc no one in the house seems to be experiencing what I have.
      Big lesson is – You have control & can send anything to seek pure love and for it to go to its highest positive level. I’m sure you’ve done other things too

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