Your Guardian Angels Message

Your Guardian Angels Message

My Dearest; It is safe for you to allow yourself to be loving and warmly affectionate.

Above in the quotation box is a special message just for you from your Guardian Angels. Read it carefully and integrate it into your day.

The Three Archangels and Tobias - Francesco Botticini (c.1446-97)
The Three Archangels and Tobias – Francesco Botticini (c.1446-97)

How is this possible?

The Guardian Angels are all around us all the time. Our personal Guardians are always looking for good ways to communicate with us and to show us that they are here and willing to help. This web page is their tool and it gives them permission to communicate with you directly. They have the ability to manipulate the randomness of the over 800 messages available for that little quotation box above and to choose the exact and appropriate one for you right now and in this moment.

The Guardian Angels are always willing to help you and guide you. All you have to do is ask so that they can do their magic.

Understand that the Guardian Angels will not make your choices for you. Only you can make your life decisions. What they can do is help you discover whats in your heart, and lead you closer toward your life force so that your decision is exactly right for you and no one else.

The Guardian Angels:

Also want you to know that what is right for you is not necessarily right for someone else. Believe in your personal journey, love those in your path now and in the future and do no harm. When trying to help others talk about yourself and how you feel about the subject. That way you are not preaching or ordering someone to “Do what I did” or “This is how you must do it”. Sharing your experiences will also give others the opportunity to have an “AHAA” moment and move forward themselves.


  • Hi great website, I find this the best out of all the similar sites I have been researching. I have recently awakened going through big changes and finally I’m on the right path, I know this because of signs I’ve been receiving. There is still a few things I need to figure out, can you tell me anything??

  • Very accurate, considering I was proposed marriage by a person that I really don’t know and am very unsure about. I was going to quite literally jump head on into a civil partnership with a person that my gut feeling does not approve of. Yep, better watch out, back off and listen to my gut!

  • There is a site called , on the left hand side of the page,there is a section that says Extras and under that you will see your guardian angel,click that then you just enter your name and date if birth and then within minutes you will be told who your main guardian angel is
    Hope this helps
    love and light

  • I pulled some goddess cards and which came up with basically this exact same message as I just found here (just different words). Now I know I have to listen! haha

  • I just spoke to a friend I hadn’t spoken to for years. I always admired his outlook on life as one who struggles and appears to have very little. I retired a little over a year ago and ended a 17 year relationship due to his infidelity. I’ve dragged around with no direction, no passion. I needed kindness, empathy and what my old friend had to offer… he told me in similar words with his simple and sincere conviction, exactly what the Angel has said here today… time for me to hear this, time for me to listen… and I will try much harder to do this. To me, two angels have spoken.

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