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  • I was living at my brother’s house and my health was compromised by living at the back in a separate entrance taht is unfit for human habitation. As I was about to0 awoke I saw with my higher mind a gigantic pure being. It spoke with me with a voice neither male nor female and said: “Im your guardian. Get out of there as soon as possible”. I believe it was God almighty giving me a message truth

  • Thank you for providing this website for us to use. This platform gives me help and reassurance when I need a reminder. You are very generous. THANK YOU!

  • As I get older I feel more confident that all we need to know and learn is in messages spoken or occurring all around us. It is truly each of us that has to open ourselves to those messages and interpret them wisely. Whether it be through meditation, Spirit guides, Guardian Angels or our Animal totems visiting or crossing our paths. This page has provided a wonderful vehicle for these messages to reach, teach and comfort so many. How precious you are for providing this heartwarming devotional and respite.

    • we have higher faculties. A mole told the other moles guys there is such a thing as sight but they didnt believ him cos they dont have eyes

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