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Archangel Gabriel – Opportunity

My Dear Heart; This may be a good opportunity for you to renegotiate and balance your obligations.
-Archangel Gabriel

(This message to you regarding trust is brought to you today by Archangel Gabriel)

My Love:

I am here to remind you that opportunities in life are very abundant – however in order to generate opportunity you must move forward and create it. When you take the time to explore the world around you and the emotions that you have towards it, you will be shown new ways. If you simply stop waiting, new doors will open for you and your Universe will expand and grow much larger for you. Just do something! Anything to stir up the energy and create motion within yourself. Simply move and be you will be rewarded with ample opportunities.

Archangel Gabriel - Opportunity, www.angelsmessage.com


If you are undergoing a long and difficult emotional period in your life right now – most likely you are struggling with your individuality and independence, especially with regards to your relationships. Take the time to express your individuality, find ways to separate yourself from others and revel in your uniqueness.

Go after the thing that you desire in your life. Do not hesitate simply go for it. Be sensitive to the well being of others as you move forth and your journey will move even faster. Take the time to plan with integrity the moves your wish to make in order to manifest your dreams.

Be aware of your emotions toward every opportunity. Feelings of trepidation and self-doubt are quite common. However if you have a knee jerk or gut reaction that is aversive – know that this opportunity is just not for you. As always you will be presented with choices that are not necessarily right for you. Take note of your emotional responses to each opportunity and go after the ones that fit with your personal integrity and beliefs.

When you are driven by your purpose and perpetually moving forward, you meet life full-on. You will have learned to experience everything with undeniable exuberance. You are usually in a constant state of renewal. You love challenges and actively seek them out. You have a unique vision of the world and virtually no concept of death. You are fearless in your choices and are often remorseless in the pursuit of your goals.

~ Archangel Gabriel

2 Responses to Archangel Gabriel – Opportunity

  • thank you for your counsel. my advice to you was called upon. watch for a soon to be fallen angel, search for them. bring them to me and i shall sniff him or her out among u all. God Bless and Universe Balance. <3

  • 😍

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