A Message From Your Guardian Angel

A Message From Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angels Message


Your Message from the Archangels


The Gyre - detail by Michael Hermesh

Your Guardian Angel and The Angels Message

The Angels Message wants to say hello and welcome you to our website. This site is a work in progress. Your Guardian Angel, the Archangels and your guides can manipulate the random nature of our messages in the quotation box of each post so that they can guide you and get their message across to you. There are about 700 different messages your Angel guardians can use specifically for you in the quotation box on the Guardian Angels Page. You can also get guidance from some of the other Angels by using the Archangel link above. Please enjoy and have fun with this website!

If you have any questions or comments about angels, please use the questions and comments pages in the upper menu. Soon you will see more posts with messages from specific Angels. Anyone wishing to contribute, please use the contact page.

How to use this Website

This website is meant to be a venue for you to connect directly with your guides, angels and the Archangels. If you need direction, help or simply reassurance, focus on your question or desire and use one of the two links above. The link will take you to what your guides consider an appropriate answer to your question or to a bit of wisdom they feel you need to integrate into your life. Have fun!

What’s Still Coming to The Angels Message

The Gyre by Michael HermeshFor those of you who know and love Spirit Animals Totems where all of the animals’ have messages for you, you will find the same here. We are currently working on adding more pages to this website. Various Angels and Archangels have some powerful messages for us. These celestial beings like Metatron, Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and many many more have a lot to say about our planet, health, journies, and life. Each Angel will have messages that are specific to the type of energy and focus of that Angel. The key is to have fun with this site – and grow with it as we grow.

The Gyre - detail by Michael HermeshUsing the Comments and Questions Pages

To have your comments and questions published, you must make your comments specific to The Angels Message website. If you are vague and tell us what a beautiful site this is or try to sell us your services, your comment will be considered spam and deleted. This site prides itself in offering information and knowledge for free. We hope that you enjoy this website and share it with your friends.

Pay It Forward

Our focus is on the maintenance of this website and the creation of new pages. It takes up a lot of our time especially since this is not the only website we run. We ask you to join in and read the comments as they come along, and if you can help out by passing on a message or insight, please do! We mediate all of the comments so it may take a few hours to see your posts. You can also pay it forward by offering prayers for those who request it on our Prayer Requests page.

The Gyre - detail by Michael Hermesh

About the Artwork

All of the artwork paintings are by Michael Hermesh, who has kindly given this website permission to use his work as part of the graphics for this site. Michael is a sculptor/painter who lives in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia Canada. You can find out more about his work by visiting his website.  The painting depicted on this page is called “The Gyre.”